Pump It Up Campaign

The Pump It Up Campaign has ended.

Check back in November to see the scholarship winner announced!

Pump It Up Campaign

Tread Wisely and DoSomething.org have teamed up to bring you the Pump It Up campaign!

It’s fun, it’s easy AND you have the chance to win a scholarship by participating. #coolstuff.


Here's the deets:

The Problem

Who doesn’t want more money and safety? Properly inflated tires can give you and your friends both! Problem is, only 19% of drivers have the right amount of air in their tires.

The Solution

Print our Pump It Up tire flyers and put them under friends’ windshield wipers. When they text the keyword on the flyer, they’ll get tips on pumping tires, checking tread depth,and checking their tire condition.

What’s In It For Me?

Well...tire safety. Duh. Also the chance to win a $3,000 scholarship.


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