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Facebook: Remember that time you were only going to spend five minutes on Facebook….and you looked up two hours later? Lose yourself in our Facebook page and learn everything you need to know about tire and vehicle safety. Here we share helpful links and videos, post photos from events and share content from Cooper Tire and the National Organizations for Youth Safety (NOYS).

Instagram: We see it; we snap it; we post it! You’ll find some cool pics (maybe even some of yourself if you’ve spent some time at a Tread Wisely event...) and some helpful tire and vehicle safety tips. We also use Instagram live when we’re out and about. Check it out!

Twitter: A little birdie said…follow us on Twitter! You should also tweet us – because we just might tweet you back. The Tread Wisely Twitter page is the perfect place to find the short and sweet version of the tire safety info you need. It’s the hub of what’s new, and you don’t want to miss what we have to say.

YouTube: We can tell you about tire safety…but seeing is believing. Watch short videos that explain how to check your tire pressure, tread depth and the overall condition of your tires, as well as how to change a flat tire, what to do if pulled over by law enforcement and more. Subscribe to our channel to always see the latest from Tread Wisely!


Cooper Across the Country

Cooper the tire is headed out to great adventures…travelling near and far to share tire and vehicle safety! Never in one place for long, Cooper is determined to educate teens about their tires and have fun doing it. Follow his adventures on our social media channels!



Meet Isabella!


Hello! My name is Isabella, and I am the Tread Wisely Social Media Coordinator (#coolestjobever). I manage and update the Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube pages for Tread Wisely. I love to share tire and vehicle safety information because when young drivers read tire safety tips from Tread Wisely, they can learn to be safer on the roads. It’s an amazing cause to be part of – and I’m so excited to share this information with you.

Another awesome part of being the Tread Wisely Social Media Coordinator is travelling across the country sharing Tread Wisely tire safety tips with my peers (#wanderlust). I get to work with the Tread Wisely Ambassadors to host Tread Wisely Challenge events at schools and in their communities. At these events, we educate young drivers about tire and vehicle safety and the three things you need to know about your tires. Seeing young drivers learn about tire safety while having fun is SO rewarding.

And - #noidonttalkinhashtagsinreallife Wink