Cooper Tire employee volunteers support Tread Wisely in their local communities through a variety of outlets including tire safety demonstrations and informational presentations. Here are a few recent events:

IN 2019

Tread Wisely Volunteers

Dozens of employees from Cooper Tire conducted tire safety checks in our plant communities of Findlay, Ohio; Texarkana, Arkansas and Tupelo, Mississippi. Done in honor of National Tire Safety Week, the volunteers checked tire pressure, tread depth and overall tire condition for students, teachers and administrators.

Tread Wisely in Asia

In China, tire safety messages from Tread Wisely are being shared through social media. Tread Wisely volunteers have visited a college campus to learn more about what young drivers know about their tires to teach them and others the importance of tire safety.

Tread Wisely Volunteers

Students attending the 2019 national DECA Conference in Orlando, Florida had an opportunity to learn first-hand about the importance of checking their tires.

Tread Wisely Volunteers

Tread Wisely volunteers teamed up with Tire Discounters to share tire safety tips at a store opening in Knoxville, Tennessee.


IN 2018

Tread Wisely Volunteers

Cooper Tire held its inaugural Tread Wisely event in Mexico at one of the most recognized universities in the country – Universidad del Valle de Mexico – on August 3. More than 100 students attended the tire safety demonstration and received tire safety kits.

Tread Wisely Volunteers

In Serbia, Cooper employees visited First Technical High School in November to share the importance of tire safety and educate students on how to care for their tires.

Tread Wisely volunteers traveled to Atlanta to share tire and vehicle safety with the more than 19,000 students attending the DECA International Career Development Conference.


Cooper employees in Ohio, Arkansas and Mississippi completed free tire safety checks on the vehicles of their co-workers in celebration of National Tire Safety Week, May 21-28. Employees checked tire pressure, tread depth and overall condition of the tires on more than 500 vehicles.


College-level engineering students learned about tire and vehicle safety at the Baja SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) events in Mechanicsville, Maryland and Brooklyn, Michigan. Tread Wisely volunteers staffed an informational exhibit where they spoke with students about vehicle and tire safety.


Cooper Tire Serbia promoted Tread Wisely by hosting its third annual 5k race as part of a larger half marathon held in the city of Krusevac in March. Nearly 600 community members attended the event where they received Tread Wisely tire safety tips from the Cooper team.


Employees of Cooper’s corporate headquarters in Findlay, Ohio presented tire safety tips to more than 300 students at career day events at Carey High School and Lima Bath High School as part of the Tread Wisely program.

IN 2017

Cooper Tire Serbia kicked off Po┼żuri polako, or Tread Wisely as it is known in the U.S., in 2017. The first session of the program in Serbia was held for nearly 30 students at First Technical School, one of the largest schools in the country that focuses on education for mechanics, electricians, drivers and traffic technicians. Additional sessions have been added as the program continues to expand. Cooper Serbia also promoted Tread Wisely by hosting a 5k race as part of a larger half marathon held in the city of Krusevac, where Cooper has a manufacturing plant. In total, nearly 30 Cooper employees participated in the event and helped to spread the Tread Wisely message.

Employees of Cooper’s corporate headquarters in Findlay, Ohio presented the Tread Wisely program to Police Academy Cadets from Owens Community College. The 10 cadets learned the basics of how to check tire pressure, tread depth and overall tire condition during the presentation. The group was particularly interested in the presentation about tire safety as police officers are often involved in high speed pursuits. In addition, Findlay employees shared tire safety tips and demonstrated the Tread Wisely mobile app to 12th grade students at Carey High School as part of Senior Co-Initiative Day.


The Tread Wisely message also made its way to the United Kingdom in 2017, with Cooper Tire’s Melksham, England facility holding their inaugural event in July. Cooper employees shared tire and vehicle safety information with 15 students from the Air Training Corps, a local youth organization for those ages 12 to 20 that promotes interests in aviation and the Royal Air Force. Attendees learned the three basic tire safety checks and how to share this important information with their peers. In November, volunteers demonstrated tire safety tips to nearly 80 high school students at Oak Community School in Melksham. Students then practiced tire checks on their own cars with oversight from the Cooper team.


In Texarkana, employees attended several community events including the annual Race for the Cure and the Agent Barry Live United Bowl, an annual college football bowl game played between two of the top teams in NCAA Division II football, to share the Tread Wisely message with attendees. They offered the combined 400 attendees at these events tire safety information and demonstrations of the three important tire safety checks.


Cooper volunteers travelled to the western side of the U.S. in November to share Tread Wisely with attendees at USC Fan Fest held in Los Angeles, Calif., part of the University of Southern California versus Arizona football game. Attendees learned tips to keep their tires in top shape and were introduced to the Tread Wisely app and it’s “I Got There” feature.

In early 2018, the Tread Wisely program will make its way to Mexico through the translation of educational materials to Spanish and the activation of Cooper volunteers.

IN 2016

Cooper Tire corporate office employees took tire safety demonstrations directly to teens attending a local football game. Cooper Tire even had a special Tread Wisely Snap Chat filter available during the game, allowing fans to share the Tread Wisely brand with their friends. Approximately 70 students stopped by the Tread Wisely tents before the game to learn about tire safety.

Employees from Cooper Tire’s plant in Texarkana, Ark., volunteered at the 2016 Komen Texarkana Race for the Cure event. The 18th annual event hosted more than 5,000 cancer survivors and supporters as they walked for the cause. The Cooper volunteers used the occasion to share Tread Wisely safety messages with those in attendance.


Cooper Tire teamed up with the National Organizations for Youth Safety (NOYS) at the Rosecroft raceway near Washington D.C. as part of the NOYS Youth Interactive Traffic Safety Lab. Cooper Tire was represented by volunteers and 20-year-old MAZDA professional race car driver Tristan Nunez, who demonstrated tire safety tips for more than 120 students.


Cooper Tire and its customer, Tire Discounters, partnered for a full-day of sharing tire safety tips. The event was held at one of the retailer’s locations in Cincinnati, Ohio. It included tire safety demonstrations by Tread Wisely volunteers, as well as food, a live radio remote, games and giveaways, and of course, important information about tire safety.


Cooper Tire employee volunteers visited Millstream Career Center in Findlay, Ohio, to demonstrate tire safety to students who are studying to become automotive technicians. Over the course of the day, Cooper Tire employees taught five courses about the details of tire care and the importance of tire safety, reaching more than 100 students.

Each of Cooper Tire’s U.S. manufacturing plants had Tread Wisely booths during “Cooper Manufacturing Experience” events held in October 2016 to coincide with Manufacturing Day, which is an event of the National Association of Manufacturers.